GPT is committed to reducing its environmental impact and aspires to be an overall positive contributor to environmental sustainability.

GPT knows that looking after the environment to meet the needs of current and future generations is essential to ongoing business success. We recognise the need to continually reduce environmental impacts and progress to a point where resources are sustainably used and emissions are at or below levels that can be reabsorbed without harm.

2019 Key Results

2019 Environmental Intensity Improvements

In 2019 we:

  • Saved $35 million in 2019 utility costs compared to 2005 baseline intensities, surpassing over $270 million in cumulative savings compared to business as usual.
  • Delivered ongoing intensity improvements for emissions, energy and water.
  • Recycled 31% of materials in a closed loop manner, including per 2,200 tonnes of organics.
  • Delivered the first 2 carbon neutral building certifications at 8 Exhibition Street and workplace6 as part of GPT Wholesale Office Fund's target to be carbon neutral by the end of 2020.
  • Installed a further 3.04 MW of solar pv across our portfolio.
  • Operated one of the highest rated portfolio for NABERS Energy (with Green Power) at GWOF's weighted average rating of 5.8 Stars.
  • Delivered the first NABERS Waste rating with a Materials Recovery Score at workplace6 and the first waste contractor service certified with the GECA Waste Collection Services standard at our Sydney assets.
  • Maintained a 3.5 Star NABERS Water rating for our office portfolio.
  • Included biodiversity criteria in our supplier prequalification and selection processes.
  • Partnered with GreenFleet to offset emissions through restoring ecosystems, sequestering carbon and improving waterways. 

Our Management Approach and Progress

Environmental sustainability is integrated into the management of our portfolio operations and development projects. Working with site teams and other key stakeholders, performance is reviewed and targets set to improve GPT’s environmental sustainability performance each year.

We track the performance of all sites for our material environmental aspects and use this for management reporting, driving improvements and disclosing our performance.

Detailed environmental performance by impact area is provided in the pages contained in the environment section of our website and published in external reports, including the:

  • GPT Environment Data Pack provides detailed data, charts and information on the performance of our portfolio, funds and buildings, including summary progress by year since our 2005 baseline and current building ratings and certifications with industry bodies like NABERS, Green Star and Climate Active;
  • GPT Sustainability Report details our broader ESG approach and progress;
  • GPT Climate Disclosure Statement is aligned to the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures;
  • GPT Climate Active Public Disclosure Summary details GPT's carbon neutral corporate operations in the most recent year; and,
  • GPT Annual Financial Report and related reports detail our portfolio and asset performance.

Our Material Impacts and Approach

The following areas are GPT's most material environmental impacts and have policies that outline our approach, long-term objectives and strategies. Our primary focus is to reduce the impact in areas within our control and be an overall positive contributor to the environment. Beyond the environmental impacts within GPT’s direct control, we support and encourage GPT’s stakeholders to take action where we have influence.

Policy area Summary of our objective and approach
Climate Change and Energy Identify and respond to climate change risks and opportunities in managing the property portfolio and work towards carbon neutrality in operations, developments and corporate activities.
Waste and Resource Management Adopt a "closed loop" and lifecycle optimisation approach to managing waste and resource use within the business operations, developments and corporate activities.
Water Employ leading practice approaches to sustainable use and management of water resources within the business operations, developments and corporate activities.
Biodiversity Make a positive contribution to biodiversity, in the local environment wherever possible.


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