GPTs vision to deliver continued value to customers and shareholders is enhanced through achieving superior supply chain management outcomes. We ensure that our policies, including sustainability policies, remain at the heart of our procurement decisions as we continue to maintain our leading position in sustainable real estate.

We deliver strategic and innovative supply solutions and provide guidance to our stakeholders which brings ongoing value, efficiency and compliance to  GPT's procurement activities.

GPTs supplier policy can be found here

Our Strategic Priorities

GPTs vision of supporting our suppliers, customers and the communities we serve is enhanced by focusing on the following priorities:

Effective Procurement Solutions

To attract and retain professional and capable people to deliver efficient procurement services.

Customer centric procurement support

To provide a customer-centric focus, listening and adapting to the GPT’s service delivery needs while maintaining policy compliance.

Value, innovation & social responsibility in contracts

To provide the best value supply solutions that deliver savings, bring innovation to GPT services and support the Community. 

Strong & transparent governance framework

To establish a clear governance framework that provides direction and oversight to the GPT’s procurement activities and performance. 

Category management framework

To provide a category management framework that supports business alignment, decision making and procurement objectives.

Dynamic procurement technology solutions

To specify technology solutions that simplify procurement activity, support compliance and reduce red tape. 

GPT operates within an environment of business values highlighted below, to ensure ethical business practice and appropriate commercial outcomes.


  • Managing the integrity of process according to procurement policy
  • Acting impartially and fairly
  • Being accountable for all our decisions and actions.


  • Daring to think differently to seek new and better ways of doing things
  • Overcoming obstacles creatively to achieve our customer’s objectives and optimise value.


  • Conducting all activities openly with clear audit trails
  • Documenting all tasks and discussions
  • Making available all information for collaboration and collective decision making.


  • Being ready to vary the objective, process or procedures (within probity) to achieve;
  • Maximise customer / stakeholder outcomes.
  • Optimise local decision making solutions.


  • Providing equal benefit and service across the GPT regardless of size or location
  • Ensuring the supply market has equal access to the GPT's business.


  • Dealing with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders respectfully, courteously, honestly, punctually and responsibly
  • Applying research, analysis, experience, expertise and procurement leadership
  • Delivering work outputs that are accurate, timely and presentable
  • Taking accountability for our work and our decisions
  • Adding value to the outcome for every activity we undertake.

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC)

The SCOC outlines GPT’s fundamental expectations of its suppliers regarding their activities in the production and delivery of goods and services supplied directly to GPT. The SCOC supports GPT’s values, purpose and strategy, as well as internationally recognised standards and appropriate codes of practice. 

By accepting and abiding by this SCOC, suppliers affirm that they are committed to working with GPT and are aligned to its values, purpose and strategy.

The SCOC covers GPT’s expectations from its suppliers with regard to the Suppliers People, Environment, Community, Corporate Governance and Supply Chain. 

Australian Supplier Payment Code

GPT has voluntarily adopted the Australian Supplier Payment Code issued by the Business Council of Australia. This code aims to encourage payments to small businesses to be made in a timely manner to ensure they remain viable and maintain healthy cashflows and working capital.

We are committed to paying our small suppliers within 30 days of providing a valid invoice. All suppliers are sent a supplier registration pack including invoice requirements. Over the 12 months to 31 December 2017, on average, 71% of small suppliers (those who supply less than $250,000 worth of goods and services to GPT) were paid within this period. We constantly monitor our paid-on time statistic to improve on this on an ongoing basis.