Reconciliation Action Plan

GPT acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which our business operates. We pay our respects to First Nations Elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the cultures and hopes of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Our commitment to First Nations Australians

For GPT, Reconciliation is about empowering and supporting First Nations People in our communities and building stronger relationships between the wider Australian community and First Nations People. We recognise the path to Reconciliation is complex and we are committed to making a difference in our sphere of influence to help achieve a better future for all Australians.

At GPT, we strive to build connections in our communities and we value the varied cultures that exist in Australian society. We promote diversity and celebrate all cultures as this enables our assets to operate dynamically and in harmony with community.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Since 2015, GPT has formally supported Reconciliation Australia’s vision of national reconciliation which is based on five critical dimensions: race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity, unity and historical acceptance. 

In February 2018, GPT launched its Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan which is a three year, public commitment to our vision:

We are working towards a better future. A future where GPT contributes to positive change, promotes respect, creates opportunities and builds strong relationships with Australia’s First Nations peoples. A future that is shaped by our recognition of the past and driven by our people today.

Our vision for reconciliation is an inclusive Australia.

As a Top 50 ASX-listed company and one of Australia’s largest diversified property groups, GPT has an opportunity to build awareness of First Nations history and culture with our customers, communities and other stakeholder groups.

We are continuing to learn and partner with First Nations businesses, organisations and communities at an asset level and in our corporate activities. We have a working First Nations Engagement Strategy to support our collaboration. With this, GPT is exploring and developing two-way partnerships with First Nations stakeholders in the communities where we have assets, to find genuine ways our customers can connect and learn more together.

Our First Nations People Strategy continues to mature. We are proud to be a 10x10 Program partner with the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program which provides internships, work experience and employment opportunities for First Nations Australians. GPT has a cultural leave policy, available to all staff, and a structured learning and development program specifically designed to support our people’s understanding of First Nations’ history and culture.

We are asking more of our contractors, our suppliers and our peers. We are encouraging these stakeholders to join the reconciliation movement.

With our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan, we are continuing to challenge ourselves to find ways we can embed reconciliation goals into our business practices.