GPT Hosts 500 Women In Property Wrap Up For 2019


The Property Council of Australia last week wrapped up its 500 Women in Property events for 2019, with the program designed to promote further networking and professional development opportunities for women in the property industry, including the industrial sector.

Attendees at the New South Wales event heard from a range of speakers, including Bob Johnston, CEO of The GPT Group, who highlighted the importance of networking opportunities in furthering the participants’ careers.

“The 500 Women in Property is a really unique program that allows women to participate in an established network and generate contacts and insights, and to share your views and ideas across the property industry,” said Mr Johnston. “It is great to see so many women participating in this industry, and staying in this industry. It is important that you do utilise the networks you have, and use those contacts out there, not necessarily to promote yourself, but to understand what other people are doing and what they have to offer, and how you can learn and grow through that network.”

Angela Crossland, Social Sustainability Manager at GPT and a participant in this year’s program said: “What I love the most about joining the property industry is how the sector focuses on people. It’s about creating places for people to live, to work and to play. But it’s also about creating places where people can create memories.”

Ms Crossland said the program afforded her the opportunity to connect with a sponsor she would otherwise never have come in to contact with, which provided her with a greater knowledge of both GPT and the industry as whole, all whilst forming a great new working relationship.

“I nominated for the 500 Women in Property program because I wanted to build my network and connections in industry, both at GPT and outside the organisation… Diversity programs such as this, can have a real impact on peoples’ perspectives, can help to shape your career, and help shape your life.”

An initiative of the PCA’s Diversity Committees across Australia, 500 Women provides an opportunity for women to network and build strong relationships to help develop their careers in the property industry. The program involves participants being paired with a sponsor, who they can discuss career opportunities with, network and also be invited to accompany on a PCA committee meeting of their choice.

The Sydney event followed similar launches in Melbourne and Brisbane which were also hosted by GPT and in Canberra, Perth and Adelaide. The WiN network was represented by Committee Members participating in the program, including, Ellen Slaven (Goodman), Natalie Matheson (Goodman), Stephanie Maxwell (The GPT Group), Charlotte Brabant (151 Property), Joy Ren (151 Property).