GPT welcomes launch of 500 Women in Property program for 2018

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The Property Council of Australia this week held the first launch event for its rebranded 500 Women in Property mentoring program for 2018, where it welcomed its first intake of participants.

At the event held in Sydney, the PCA and program sponsor GPT welcomed the 171 NSW participants and their sponsors who will participate in this year’s program which is now in its third year.

GPT’s Head of People & Performance Phil Taylor said: “As sponsors we are delighted to see the tremendous interest and growth in the Women in Property program since its inception just a few years ago.”

“This is testament to the leadership role that the PCA has taken in recognising that our sector needed to evolve if we were to have equal access to the best talent, which never did, never can, and never will reside in only one gender.”

An initiative of the PCA’s Diversity Committees across Australia, 500 Women provides an opportunity for women in the property industry to network and build strong relationships that could help in the development of their careers. It involves participants being paired with a sponsor, who they can discuss professional development opportunities with, network at PCA events with and also be invited to a PCA committee meeting of their choice.

GPT’s Head of Leasing Office and 500 Women in Property sponsor, Charlotte Stratton, encouraged participants at the launch to continue to meet new people and broaden their horizons.

“By continuing to meet new people your terms of reference expands and your relevance grows. This is an important aspect of your career,” she said.

Ms Stratton said women needed to ensure they were driving their own career advancement.

“You need to take ownership regardless of the level of support that’s offered within your business, you need to look after that yourself.”

The program received a strong response when it was launched as 100 Women in Property in April 2016. With the initial target of 100 women and 100 sponsors, it had an intake of 260 participants in its first year. This double to more than 500 participants and 500 sponsors in 2017, which led the program being rebranded 500 Women in Property.

Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald told the event: “We are well on the journey of having equal representation but are not there yet. We believe that programs like 500 Women in Property are crucial to building diversity throughout all roles in the property industry.”

Further 500 Women in Property launch events will be held in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth this month.