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GPT Procurement Values

GPT Procurement operates within an environment of business values to ensure ethical business practice and appropriate commercial outcomes.

The below highlights the values that we operate under.


  • Managing the integrity of process according to procurement policy
  • Acting impartially and fairly
  • Being accountable for all our decisions and actions.


  • Daring to think differently to seek new and better ways of doing things
  • Overcoming obstacles creatively to achieve our customer’s objectives and optimise value.


  • Conducting all activities openly with clear audit trails
  • Documenting all tasks and discussions
  • Making available all information for collaboration and collective decision making.


  • Being ready to vary the objective, process or procedures (within probity) to achieve;
  • Maximum customer / stakeholder outcomes.
  • Optimise local decision making solutions.


  • Providing equal benefit and service across the GPT regardless of size or location
  • Ensuring the supply market has equal access to the GPT's business.


  • Dealing with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders respectfully, courteously, honestly, punctually and responsibly
  • Applying research, analysis, experience, expertise and procurement leadership
  • Delivering work outputs that are accurate, timely and presentable
  • Taking accountability for our work and our decisions
  • Adding value to the outcome for every activity we undertake.