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Corporate Social Responsibility

GPT's Interpersonal Values

The GPT’s values of fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility are both encouraged and expected of GPT staff in all interpersonal dealings both internally and externally.

Strategic Framework

Our Priorities

Details of the key strategic priorities, aligning operational deliverables with objectives follows. Contemporary best practice procurement practice will be utilised to optimise value and reduce risk to GPT.

Customer Centric Procurement Support

To provide a customer-centric focus, listening and adapting to GPT’s service delivery needs while maintaining policy compliance.

Our Role

We will:

  • Involve customers in the design, development and delivery of goods, services and procure-to-pay solutions.
  • Deliver products that are fit for purpose and safe for community environments.
  • Provide customers with timely information about new contracts, products, processes and policies that affect them.
  • Work with our customers to deliver best value solutions to meet their needs in a timely manner.

Key Measures

Our success will be measured by:

  • having processes for proactive customer engagement in planning cycles.
  • ensuring sound specification development and ongoing supplier management processes.
  • maintaining communication plans and channels.
  • monitoring processes, program delivery and satisfaction.

Value, Innovation and Social Responsibility in Contracts

To provide the best value supply solutions that deliver savings, bring innovation to GPT and support the community

Our Role

We will:

  • Identify savings opportunities through category plans and by applying strategic procurement principles.
  • Engage with customers, vendors and other procurers to facilitate innovation and flexibility into solution designs.
  • Maintain a focus on supply chains with sound environmental and socially responsible practices.

Key Measures

Our success will be measured by:

  • Developing and maintaining category plans that are informed by internal and external factors
  • Developing contract and vendor management skills and disciplines across GPT.
  • Maintaining savings capture and reporting processes.
  • Establishing key stakeholder and vendor engagement processes.
  • Working with vendors to achieve
    • Waste reduction and purchasing plan targets and improve supply chain practices.
    • Promoting the use of aboriginal and torres strait islander and disability suppliers and small to medium enterprises in line with diversity policy

Clear directions, roles, responsibilities and skills in procurement will foster a probity rich environment and minimise risks. We will work with business leaders to provide a framework, generate awareness and encourage skill development across GPT.

Key Performance Indicators

Procurement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reviewed and set annually.

At a high level the GPT KPIs incorporate tension metrics as follows:

KPI Dependency
Program Delivery Savings
Risk Management Mitigating all potential risk
Customer Satisfaction Means happy customers, which will use our contracts and services
Savings Ensuring savings are realised

A general overview of KPI management is provided as follows:

Program Delivery

Example - On time project delivery is calculated monthly from the Program of Works actual performance

Risk Management

Example - Supplier Performance is monitored against their own KPIs with an overall performance reported each month. Individually suppliers are required to explain performance issues and actions are put in place and monitored to satisfaction completion.

Customer Satisfaction

Example – Upon completion of each sourcing project the key stakeholder is interviewed for feedback on how the project was delivered. An annual satisfaction survey will be conducted with procurement users at the end of each year.


Example – Use of the E-procurement tools means compliance to P2P processes. Growth in usage of the tools is reported each month as an indicator of one compliance area. Any decline that is not seasonal would flag the need for further investigation and actions to resolve.

Contract non-compliance will be reported under this area when more detailed spend data is available.


Example – Savings are reported with each initiative and a realisation program scheduled. They are captured through analysis of supplier reports, spend data and rebates received. This is monitored monthly along with the tracker and any shortfalls are required to be explained by the officers responsible.