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Health Wellbeing & Safety

GPT has historically had low absenteeism rates among its employee base. For the last five years, the average hours of sick leave recorded per employee is less than three days per year (2.97 days in 2015). The methodology for calculating GPT's absenteeism rate is total hours of sick leave claimed divided by the average 2015 headcount (excluding parental leave) divided by 7.5 hours (1 working day).

GPT embraces a generous sick leave policy, to ensure that employees take appropriate time to recover from illness. Within certain limits, permanent employees are provided with sick leave on an as needed basis, giving them the peace of mind for their recovery from illness or injury.

Health and Wellbeing
At GPT, we have developed an extensive health and wellbeing program which is designed to support the physical and psychological wellbeing of our people. Key features of this program are outlined below.

Flexible Working Options
We encourage our people to talk to their managers and design their work arrangements in a flexible way which better integrates their work and home lives and stage of life. We believe this approach leads to greater productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction for our people. GPT adopts a Can Do approach to trialling flexibility arrangements for any employee, for any reason, for all roles and at any level of the business.

Flexible working options include:

  • Tailored (part-time) hours – 9.16% of GPT’s workforce is currently part-time;
  • Job share;
  • Varied start and finish times;
  • Compressed week/fortnight;
  • Home-based work;
  • Remote work;
  • Additional annual leave;
  • Leave of absence; and
  • Career break or sabbatical.
Parental leave benefits

We recognise the importance of parental leave and are committed to supporting employees both during this time, and as they transition back into the workforce. All permanent employees are entitled to parental leave. GPT provides leading practice financial and non-financial assistance to new parents as outlined on our Employee Benefits page.

In 2015, GPT’s primary carer parental leave return to work rate was 90%, with 9 out of the 10 individuals scheduled to return to work doing so. One individual was a father who took time off as primary carer.

Training and education
While at work, we offer extensive training and education programs to ensure that our employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform their jobs, thus minimising any unnecessary stress or pressure in their roles. GPT also offers mentoring programs to junior employees to ease the stress of the transition into the workforce from university. Further information on GPT’s learning and development programs can be found on our Careers Development page.

Employee support and counselling
GPT’s People and Performance team is available to provide career guidance, advice and support to employees experiencing stress in their work. We also provide employees with a free, confidential counselling service (Employee Assistance Program) through Optum, which employees and their immediate family members can access in times of need.

Health and fitness
We provide a range of initiatives to help keep our employees fit and healthy, including:

  • Discounted private health insurance through Bupa;
  • Access to Best Doctors medical advice services;
  • Executive health assessments;
  • Influenza vaccinations;
  • Organised lunchtime sport, including touch football, volleyball and soccer;
  • Fresh fruit and healthy snack options; and
  • Nutrition information and seminars.

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