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Working at GPT

AT GPT, our achievement culture and flexible working approach are key reasons why many people have chosen a career with the Group. GPT’s people are well-educated, professionally respected and respectful of each other. We work hard as a unified team, with individuals taking personal accountability for their actions striving to achieve great results.

Our activity based working model provides GPT employees with the freedom and flexibility to choose a space and facilities that best suit the task they are working on. With quiet spaces for more focussed work, reading and reflection, technology enabled rooms for video conferencing sessions, collaboration spaces perfect for innovation and group work, and ergonomically designed open-plan work areas, our people have access to facilities that enable them to achieve best performance in their roles.

The productivity of our people improved by over 8% with our move to a more flexible way of working, with our Sydney head office scoring in the top 10% of Australian offices in this regard. 88% of our employees say they would not go back to a traditional way of working.

Source: ARUP Post Occupancy Evaluation, 2012

More detailed information on working at GPT can also be found in our Sustainability reporting

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